Memorial Storyteller - Ring or Pendant - Gemstone Glass in Rosecut Freeforms

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Whether it's a meaningful birthstone or simply your favourite gem, these transparent, low dome, gemstone coloured glass freeform rosecuts are an incredible window stone for your cremation ashes to be tucked safely beneath. The equivalent of half to one teaspoon (2.5-5mL measure) of cremation ashes is requested for each memorial stone. Created in solid fine + sterling silver or North Fauns signature silver + gold mixed metal, these can be created as either a ring or a pendant with your choice of metal finish: soft satin, high polish, or weathered. Please be aware that while most ashes will be seen clearly, delicately textured cremation ashes can be difficult to identify through coloured stones.

stone |
• rosecut freeform glass
• stones average 13mm x 11mm, low dome
• stone hardness 7

details |
• 100% recycled sustainable solid precious metals
• this stone is fully transparent

ring or pendant |
• ring: band is approx 2.3mm wide x 2.5mm thick
• ring: band cannot accommodate engraving
• pendant: does not come with a chain
• pendant: fits 1-3 characters engraved on back

more info |
Please be reminded that all North Faun jewellery is created entirely by hand, from scratch, one at a time. Each piece will be uniquely different with quirks such as minor measurement differences, character stones, and visual reminders of the hand of the maker such as the occasional small tool mark. These unique details are what make your piece special.