Cremation Keepsake Gem Information

Keepsake memorials created with cremation ashes are the heart of North Faun. Keeping your loved one or pet close to you in this way after they pass is a highly personal, and often emotional choice. Because of the rawness of the grief that surrounds death, I recommend considering a waiting period before having a cremation memorial created. It can be difficult to make choices while your pain is still intensely sharp, and it can feel impossible to allow a part of your loved one to be sent off to visit the studio. Some clients find that having a way to physically hold their loved one or pet again helps them move through the worst parts of their grief, and this is entirely up to you, but please know that if you are not ready or feel that waiting would be best, North Faun will still be here when you're ready. This process should be as comfortable as it possibly can be, and you should not feel rushed in any way.

If you have recently experienced the death of a loved one who will be cremated, the funeral home that is helping you through the process can facilitate having a small amount of ashes separated out for you if you choose. Similarly, if you have experienced the loss of a pet or expect that you will soon, the veterinarian who is assisting you can facilitate a small portion being packaged separately for you. Only a very small amount is needed, and when you send your ashes to the North Faun studio, please know that every single grain of ashes that isn't required for your keepsake will be carefully re-packaged and returned home to you with your completed jewellery.

The trust that is placed when a client commissions a cremation keepsake is not taken lightly. Rest assured that your loved one or pet will be a highly regarded guest in the studio who will receive only the highest level of care, dignity, and respect. If you choose to have cremation jewellery created, I'd love to know all about the person or pet who will be visiting me. Feel free to tell me all about them, and please label their ashes with their name. In the spirit of respecting and honouring your loved one or pet, knowing who they are and who they were to you helps the process. In addition to the highly organized labelling system implemented in the studio that ensures each set of ashes is always fully identified, being able to label and call them by name ensures that no person or pet is ever "just a number". Your loved one or pet was and remains extremely important, and knowing who they are helps keep that importance intact.

Each person or pet's ashes are unique and vary in both colour & texture. The ashes that you send will become a deeper, darker colour than when they are "dry" and the colours that appear once they are solidified into a gem have a wide range: from shades of white, cream, tan, brown, grey, and black. Some may even have tiny flecks of blue, green, or other colours within them. Some ashes may be all powder or all solid pieces, and many are a mix of both. The fingerprint of your loved one's ashes are unlikely to be exactly like anyone else's. Each set of ashes is unique and will display it's own personality once encased in gem form. Below you will see a few examples of ashes in their dry state and again in their gem form. You'll see that the colours hiding within your loved ones ashes can be surprisingly different. These are the same colours you would see in them at home if you were to add a drop of water to them.


Each cremation ash memorial gem is infused with a custom-blended, hand-selected, colour-matched natural shimmer created from earth-mined, conflict free minerals. To honour and respect each set of ashes, North Faun does not alter or tint their colour but instead allows their beautiful, unique tones and hues to shine through. Your memorial keepsake will be created using your loved one or pet's ashes in a base of glass and powdered diamonds, with a custom-blended, clear binder. The final colour of the gem your cremation jewellery is entirely dependent on the unique characteristics of the ashes you provide. Below you will see samples of past gems created in the North Faun studio with different overlays.


When you are ready to order your keepsake jewellery with a custom cremation memorial gem, you can find all of the styles currently being created in the Keepsake Jewellery section.