Metals + Gemstones

Only sustainable, recycled silver & gold and ethically sourced gemstones are used in the North Faun studio. NF does not create works that are gold-filled, plated, or vermeil, and this includes rhodium plating for white metals -- sterling silver and white gold pieces created in the NF studio are not rhodium plated. For insurance & liability purposes, client-provided metals (such as old jewellery), pricey or irreplaceable gemstones, and existing settings are not accepted for use in the studio. Exceptions may be made for inexpensive and replaceable stones.


Ring Sizes + Resizing

Please select "I'm not sure of my ring size yet" if you are not already 110% certain of your ring size, as returns or refunds cannot be accommodated for rings ordered in the incorrect size. Due to the delicate, heat-sensitive nature of the cremation ash memorials and other gems used, most NF rings cannot be resized without the use of a laser welder, and as such in-house ring sizing is not offered. Clients are responsible for being aware of how different band widths fit them. If you expect that your ring will need to be sized in the future, please consider looking at other jewellery styles that will not require major structural alteration in the future, such as pendants, bracelets, or earrings. 


Keepsake + Memorial Jewellery

Much of the work in the NF studio is memorial & keepsake jewellery, primarily using cremation ashes of your loved one or pet.  Although it can be as simple as placing your order and sending in your ashes or other materials, I have a lot of information to share about this process if you're interested. To learn more, you can click here to learn more about cremation & keepsake jewellery, including how to send your ashes to the studio.


Custom Designs

With rare exception, I am unable to accommodate fully custom design work in my schedule. However, I am always happy to discuss minor changes to existing designs (just sent an email with your idea for a quote!) or to discuss recreating an old design if you're looking to add to an existing NF piece/set. If you would like to discuss a custom piece, please be aware that only those that fall into my general aesthetic of bold/simple lines and heavy construction will be able to be considered, & that due to many factors, full custom design work is priced significantly higher. 


Turnaround / Processing

Ready-to-ship pieces will ship within 3-5 business days (or 5-10 business days if engraving is required). Designs that require client-provided materials (such as cremation ashes) for completion currently have a turnaround time of up to 6-8 weeks, which begins once your materials arrive at the studio. Made-To-Order designs that do not require client-provided materials have a turnaround time of up to 4-6 weeks.


Cancellations + Returns

Due to the customized nature of NF jewellery, all sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. For hygienic reasons, earrings cannot be returned or exchanged, personalized or not. If you need to cancel your order, you may do so within 48 hours of purchase only. After this time, materials just for you will have been ordered and/or work will have begun, so please be certain of your commitment to purchase prior to doing so. If your order arrives to you damaged or incorrectly made, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt as indicated on your tracking and you will be taken care of.



Packages are shipped fully tracked via Canada Post. Shipping is currently available within Canada & to the US. Shipping to other countries can be done on a case by case basis. Items shipped outside of Canada may experience delays as they are processed through the customs office of your country, and may be subject to taxes, duty, or other fees applied by your government. These potential fees are solely the responsibility of the client.


Jewellery Care

Your jewellery is built to last but it is not indestructible, and requires care to ensure it stays looking new. Keep it clean, dry, and free of bumps and drops, and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or significant time under the sun. Remove it before sleeping, physical activity, or heading into situations where it may become submerged, soiled, or damaged. You can find the full list of care instructions by clicking here.


General Studio Information

Please be aware that the studio is privately located in my quiet prairie home, and is not accessible to the public. I do not have showroom space that allows for clients to come view jewellery in person, and the studio is not insured for clients to be present in it. All communication is provided via email, and/or occasionally direct messages on social media if the client prefers this avenue for discussion. Orders will be delivered to you via Canada Post; personal pick ups cannot be accommodated, and the NF mailbox can be accessed only to drop off packaged materials for memorial orders. NF operates strictly online.


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