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Hello friends! If you're not super familiar with North Faun, you may be wondering where all of the other designs are. Each summer from approximately June 1 through September 1, North Faun has historically closed shop entirely for a summer break. This summer we're doing things a bit differently -- so read on :)

This summer there will be just a handful of main listings available: charity fundraising designs with a portion of proceeds going towards an incredible not-for-profit program that relies on donations and fundraising initiatives to operate as well as a rare sale on various shapes and sizes of crown pendants or crown rings. Additionally, one of a kind designs will randomly pop up throughout the summer - these will be items that are dreamed up in the studio with only one of each being offered.

These are the only listings that will remain active throughout the summer. The full design catalog and custom creation spaces will return in about 3 months time, on September 1, 2018.

Happy summer, friends!

Morgan Di Martino
North Faun

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