Storyteller: Memorial Upgrade

Your Storyteller can be upgraded to a memorial piece, if you choose. With this listing, you will send in your cremation ashes (or other inclusions, by special request) to the studio and a North Faun memorial gem will be created and set beneath the gemstone that you've chosen. The visibility of your memorial gem will be dependent on the translucency and the depth of colour of the gemstone you've chosen as well as the textures found within the inclusions that you send. Cremation ashes with very fine details may not be immediately apparent through your Storyteller gemstone even if the stone has very high translucency, and the colour of your cremation ashes may alter the final colour of your gemstone. Opaque or partially opaque gemstones will hide your memorial gem as a secret only for you.

Please note: this listing cannot be purchased alone. It is strictly an add-on to the Storytellers found here.