Group Order Reservation

Group Order Reservation

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North Faun continues to offer group rates and now, as a service to clients, you may book your group orders via this listing at your own convenience. Below you will find all details for how to proceed with a group order. Please note, if the date you are attempting to reserve is “sold out”, this means all group slots for that date have already been reserved, or that date is otherwise not available.

» Group orders must purchase this non-refundable reservation listing to secure their date – The reservation fee is a deposit for North Faun to book your date, and dates cannot be held without a reservation. This deposit will be subtracted from your order total.

» Group orders require a minimum of 10 pieces and receive 15% off each piece. Custom orders cannot be included in group orders. Discontinued items can be included in your group order but are not eligible for further discounts. You may mix and match any regular, non-discontinued items from the design catalog. Group orders are capped at a maximum of 20 pieces per group.

» The individual coordinating the group will be responsible for organizing the order in a simple format (template will be provided), being the main contact between the group & North Faun, and submitting the order to North Faun via email.

» After North Faun has received the order and has clarified any necessary details, a single listing for the entire group amount will be provided. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to collect funds from the group & purchase this listing.

» Group orders have the same turnaround that applies to individual orders, and once completed, group orders will be shipped as a single package to the shipping address entered at checkout. It will be the coordinators responsibility to distribute orders among the group.

» Group orders are required to be prompt to ensure all groups are afforded the same service and turnaround. When a group purchases a reservation for a date, they should have the order finalized & their listing purchased approximately 1 week prior, and have their group’s inclusions at the studio around the start date they have booked. Orders that are unable to follow this timeline may unfortunately be cancelled to ensure the next group is not impacted.

» Group orders are bound by all terms, conditions, and policies of an individual order. Please ensure any group participants have familiarized themselves with the information available on

» Due to the non-refundable nature of your date reservation deposit, please ensure any questions you may have are answered prior to reserving your date.



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