Metals + Gemstones || North Faun


What types of metals are used?
North Faun works only with solid precious metals: sterling silver, fine silver and karat gold. All metals used in the studio are strictly earth-friendly recycled precious metals, sourced from a single North American refinery which uses strictly recycled precious metals, to avoid the environmental impacts of newly mined precious metals. Please note that white metals in the North Faun studio are never rhodium plated.

What types of gems and diamonds are used?
North Faun is committed to social & environmental responsibility and as such offers several types of ethical gemstones and diamonds, such as lab created, lab grown, and responsibly sourced earth-mined gems. Cut, quality, and type of gemstones are noted in each applicable listing.

☆ Lab created gems are either corundum or spinel, created in appropriate colours. For example, the lab created ruby used in the North Faun studio is corundum in the perfect medium pinkish-red. These are earth friendly as no mining is required, and being a synthetic stone are the most economical option.

☆ Lab grown gems are genuine stones - they are physically, chemically, and optically indistinguishable from earth-mined gems. The process of their growth is the same as earth-mined stones, it is simply sped up in a lab setting. These are earth friendly due to the lack of mining. Lab grown gems cost more than lab created gems, but less than earth-mined gems.

☆ Earth mined gems used in the North Faun studio are always ethical. For high grade faceted stones, they are sourced from one supplier which adheres strictly to responsible sourcing guidelines and guarantees that all stones are conflict free. With regards to diamonds, although North Faun uses Canadian diamonds whenever possible, all diamonds used in the studio comply with the strict and highly regulated Kimberley Process. Other gemstones, such as those from the North Faun private collection, are purchased from independent lapidary artisans who source their rough with safety and ethics in mind, and cut beautiful stones for which they are paid a fair price.