General Information

Here you will find:
• Ordering details
• Metal & gemstone information
• Custom designs
• Turnaround times
• Repairs & resizing

Looking for information on North Faun cremation memorial jewellery? Click here.

Ordering Details
Orders are processed through the website only, which accepts major credit cards and PayPal. For regular orders, simply place your order as you would for any other online order. If you are commissioning a memorial design which requires you to send your cremation ashes or other materials in to the studio, you can follow the instructions found here, which includes the amounts required, how to package, and the address which you will ship or deliver your materials to.

Please be certain of your ring size prior to ordering. Ring size varies from finger to finger and different band widths will fit the same finger differently. It's heavily recommended that you are professionally sized in person at a local jeweller using the same band width that you will be ordering. Exact inner diameter measurements of North Faun rings can be found here. Returns or refunds cannot be processed for rings ordered in the incorrect size.

Photographs of each design as well as detailed measurements are noted in each listing. Your North Faun jewellery is forged by hand, from scratch, using traditional smithing techniques. With this in mind, please be aware that each piece will vary slightly from the next, and it's likely that you will see the hand of the maker in your piece. If you have any questions regarding a specific piece, please be sure to email prior to ordering.

Metals & Gemstones
Only precious metals are used in your North Faun jewellery: sterling, fine silver, and solid gold. No filled, plated, or "dipped" work occurs in the studio. Please be aware that client provided gemstones, metals and/or existing settings are not accepted for use in the studio.

All metals used in the North Faun studio are 100% recycled to avoid the environmental impacts of newly mined precious metals. Due to the toxic process involved, white metals such as silver and white gold in the studio are never rhodium plated, which is a common characteristic of commerical sterling and white gold jewellery.

Standard white gold typically contains nickel, which is a relatively common skin irritant or allergy. For this reason, only palladium white gold is used in the studio. Palladium white gold is significantly higher priced and is more valuable than nickel white gold. Palladium white gold has a beautiful light grey tone to it.

North Faun is committed to social & environmental responsibility and as such works only with ethical gemstones and diamonds. Offered on the website are lab created, lab grown, and responsibly sourced earth-mined natural gemstones.

Lab created gems are either corundum or spinel, created in appropriate colours. These are earth friendly as no mining is required, and are the most economical option. Lab grown gems are genuine stones - they are physically, chemically, and optically indistinguishable from earth-mined gems. Their process of growth is the same as in nature, simply sped up in a lab.

Earth mined gems used in the North Faun studio are always ethical. High grade faceted stones are sourced from one supplier which adheres strictly to responsible sourcing guidelines and guarantees conflict-free stones. North Faun private collection gemstones are sourced directly from independent lapidary artisans who work with safety & ethics in mind and are paid a fair price for their stones.

Custom Designs
With rare exception, I am not able to schedule fully custom design work into the studio schedule. Custom design work that follows the style of my current work may be considered, please email to inquire if this is a possibility. Please be aware that fully custom work requires additional communication, design time, and sourcing. As such, fully custom work is priced significantly higher.

Inquiries regarding altering existing designs on the website while keeping with the North Faun aesthetic of bold pieces with simple modern lines are always welcome for discussion. Please email to see if your desired changed can be accommodated.

Turnaround Times
The general turnaround time for made-to-order designs is 6-12 weeks based on typical order volumes, depending on if they require custom keepsake gem creation. This turnaround fluctuates throughout the year as order volumes ebb and flow and is subject to change without notice. Ready-to-ship designs will ship within 3-5 business days to allow for polishing and packaging. Additional time may be required to engrave these pieces prior to shipping. If you require a rush order, please email first.

Business days are Monday to Friday, not including Canadian and Manitoba holidays such as: New Year's day, Louis Riel day, Good Friday, Victoria day, Canada day, Labour day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance day, Christmas day, and Boxing day.

Repairs & Resizing
Damage, including daily wear and tear, occurring to your jewellery once it has left the studio is the sole responsibility of the client. If your jewellery requires a repair, please email details of the issue so that it can be determined if a repair is possible. Materials and labour costs will vary depending on several factors.

Please be certain to confirm your sizing prior to ordering. Most North Faun rings cannot be resized with traditional techniques be it due to design or due to heat susceptibility of the gemstones, particularly rings containing keepsake gems or other soft stones. Sizing is not offered in-house.