North Faun is a professional keepsake gem artist and metalsmith located in the heart of Canada established in 2011. Specializing in cremation ash memorials and breast milk jewellery and serving all of Canada & the US, North Faun provides a way for people from all walks of life to hold their most precious moments in their hands. To learn more about North Faun, please see the ABOUT section and visit us on Facebook at

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Why choose North Faun?
Expert craftsmanship and a uniquely tailored creation process means that with North Faun, you are investing in something truly spectacular. Because of the meticulous care and high level of expertise that goes into each and every piece, you will find no bubbles or molding lines in your gem, no unintended flecks or swirls of uneven colour. We use no mass produced settings, nor will any part of your keepsake jewellery be outsourced to other companies. Each and every setting and the gems they hold are expertly handcrafted entirely from scratch at the time of order by one set of hands in the North Faun studio.

How does this work?
It's easy! Simply purchase the listing you're interested in and then follow the instructions on the SENDING page to get your special materials in to the studio. Once your package has been received, the magic begins & your custom keepsake will be ready to ship home to you in 6-8 weeks.

What are the gems created from?
Your keepsake gem is created using a proprietary blend of professional resin, glass, genuine crushed diamonds and of course - the professonally preserved inclusions that you've sent. Breast milk (or formula) gems have the crushed diamonds omitted, but you may opt to have these gems created in a base of genuine opals.

What do I need to know about the metals and diamonds used?
North Faun strictly uses solid gold - you will never find plated, vermeil, or gold-filled metals here. As always, all raw metals used in the North Faun studio are earth friendly. They are sourced from one refinery in North America which uses strictly recycled precious metals. Please note that due to the toxic process involved, North Faun opts to not rhodium plate our white gold, which is a common characteristic of commercial white gold jewellery. Whenever possible, North Faun uses only Canadian diamonds, however regardless of origin all diamonds and gemstones used in the North Faun studio are sourced from mines with ethical and environmentally responsible mining practices and are conflict-free.

What else do I need to know before ordering?
As it can be difficult to order online as opposed to purchasing jewellery in person, please take note of the gem size as well as other measurements stated in the listings you are interested in, and use a device capable of measuring in millimeters to ensure a full understanding of the size of the piece(s) you are ordering to avoid surprise. If you feel there is a measurement missing, please CONTACT North Faun prior to ordering for clarification.

When ordering rings, please be 110% certain of your ring size. Because most North Faun rings cannot be resized without destroying your gem, North Faun does not offer resizing services. It is highly recommended to be professionally sized in person, using a sizing band in the width of the listing you are considering ordering as different band widths can fit the same finger differently. Please note that online sizing charts, measuring an existing ring, or attempting to measure your finger at home may have highly inaccurate results. In regards to listings labelled "pendants", please note that these listings include a pendant only and chains are not included. In these listings when chains are shown in listing photos, they are intended to assist in displaying the pendants only.

Please ensure you are ready to send your inclusions promptly after ordering. If you are unable to send your inclusions shortly after your intended purchase, please consider waiting to purchase the listing(s) that you are interested in until such a time that you are able to do so. It is requested that your inclusions arrive within 30 days of placing your order.




What will my cremation memorial jewellery look like?
North Faun does not tint the ashes of your loved one or pet, opting to let their natural beauty shine through. Each set of ashes is unique in colour and will display it's own personality once encased in gem form. A small amount of high quality, ultra fine, natural shimmer will be hand-selected for a perfect colour match by North Faun and infused throughout to create a smoother visual transition between the different textures present in the ashes, and the base of crushed diamonds your gem is created in will lend a touch of sparkle to the finished piece. For more detailed information on the creation of cremation ash memorial gems including the amount required, please see the DESIGN page.

What if I'm nervous about sending my loved one's ashes?
Cremation jewellery is the heart of North Faun, so rest assured that your loved one's ashes will be treated with dignity and respect, and handled with love and care. If you're comfortable, you are invited to share the name of the loved one whose ashes you're sending, as well as their story. Your loved one will be a highly regarded guest in the studio, and it's wonderful for North Faun to be able to refer to them by their name. Your loved one will not be "just a number" here. That said, if are unsure at all - please wait. The process should be comfortable for clients and done only when you are fully ready.




What will my breast milk jewellery look like?
North Faun does not tint or alter the colour of your breast milk. It is professionally preserved in it's entirety & is then used to create a beautiful gem which will reflect the original colour of the milk you've sent. If you choose to have your breast milk gem created in a base of genuine, ethically sourced opals, a smaller amount of breastmilk is used in these gems than you would traditionally see to ensure a translucent look that allows the incredible colours of the natural opals to shine through. The colour of metal you select can cast it's hue on your breast milk gem - breast milk gems set in white gold may appear brighter, while breast milk gems set in yellow gold may appear warmer in tone. Choosing to add shimmer may also alter the hue of your breast milk gem.

What do I need to know about the breast milk I send?
The breast milk sample you send can be fresh or decades old from the bottom of your freezer - it all works perfectly well for jewellery creation. Human milk travels fabulously and does not require to be kept cool while in transit. It will, of course, no longer be safe for consumption but it will still make a fantastic gem. For more detailed information on the creation of breast milk gems including the amount required, please see the DESIGN page.




How will my package be shipped?
All packages are shipped via Canada Post -- or Canada Post/USPS for USA-bound packages -- and are tracked from start to finish. Orders from outside of Canada may have additional taxes, duties, or other fees applied, which are not under the control of North Faun. As always, packages staying within Manitoba are offered complimentary shipping. Please note that the delivery times provided at checkout are estimates given by Canada Post and North Faun cannot guarantee them - additionally these times are for shipping only and have no effect on the turnaround time stated in each listing.

What about returns and other issues?
Due to the highly personalized, custom nature of your jewellery, North Faun is unable to accept returns. That said, client satisfaction is paramount so should there be an issue with your keepsake upon receiving it, please reach out. Your investment in a North Faun keepsake should be one of joy, and North Faun aims for only the best customer service. Please see our POLICIES for further information.




Can I visit the studio to see the jewellery in person?
Unfortunately not. For liability purposes (flammable gases, sharp and/or heavy tools, etc), North Faun clients are not able to be present in the studio. In addition, all completed pieces belong to customers and for reasons of respect they are not available for viewing or handling by anyone else before they are shipped out. North Faun operates strictly online.

Can I deliver my inclusions instead of shipping them?
Absolutely! You can simply follow the local drop off instructions on the SENDING page to drop off your inclusions in person. Please note that even within the city of Winnipeg, all orders will be shipped back to you by Canada Post.