Cremation Ash + Memorial Jewellery


Memorial Gem Jewellery

North Faun keepsake jewellery can be created with the ashes of your loved one or pet. In these designs, the cremation ashes that you send are combined through a heated process with a small amount of powdered diamonds & clear glass, and turned into a solid "gem". These memorial gemstones are then "capped" with clear glass or with a natural gemstone, and set within jewellery that has been handmade just for you.


Colour of Cremation Gems

Cremation ashes are as unique as the person or pet that they came from, and the "fingerprint" of their cremains will be unlike that of any other. To honour and respect each set of ashes, I do not alter their unique colour in any way, but instead simply allow their beautiful individual tones and hues to shine through. The final look of each gem is a result only of the colours and natural textures that are already within the ashes.

The cremation gems can range in colour from white to cream, tan to chocolate, light grey to charcoal, and even black. Ashes can have tiny flecks of other colours such as green or blue within them. You can see the unique colour of your ashes by mixing a small portion of them with a few drops of water if you are comfortable doing so. Allow them to fully air dry before returning them to their urn or container. 

Below you will see a small collection of cremation gems that were created in the studio over the years. This is only a small sample and doesn't show the very wide range of possible colours and textures, but is intended to give an idea of what cremation gems may look like. Please remember that neither you nor I can choose the final colour of your gem. Artificially colouring ashes is not part of the NF process. 

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Modern Keepsakes VS Storytellers

The Modern Keepsake collection is designed specifically to accommodate your cremation ashes & showcase them in a fully visible way, while the Storyteller collection is intended as gemstone designs which can be upgraded to memorial pieces if desired. In these, a cremation gem sits beneath the natural gemstone in your storyteller, & may or may not be visible depending on the exact natural stone you select.


Other Materials

Other inclusions can be used to create your keepsake jewellery, such as locks of hair, dried flowers, and other materials. These materials cannot take the level of heat required to create NF cremation stones, so for these, your materials will be left as-is and simply set beneath the clear glass or gemstone of your chosen design. Please contact NF prior to ordering jewellery with non-cremation inclusions if you have any questions.


Urn Keepsake Jewellery

Wearable urns are also created in the studio, but a major difference between the handmade designs by North Faun & the mass-produced pieces that can be found elsewhere is that you will still need to send your cremation ashes or other materials such as locks of hair in to the studio. This is because NF urn jewellery is permanently soldered closed, to ensure your memories are safe forever. These designs cannot be filled at home.


Amount Needed + How to Package

Only a very small amount of ashes is needed to create your keepsake gem - just 0.5 to 1 teaspoon's worth is plenty for any size of memorial stone. Ashes are usually a mix of powder and solid pieces, & sending this amount allows me to select just the right parts of your ashes for your gem. Any portion that isn't required to create your gem will always be carefully packaged up and returned home where it belongs.

Package your cremation ashes by placing them inside a small, sturdy, sealing plastic bag. Gently remove all of the air by carefully pressing it out, and then seal the bag. Place this sealed packet within two additional sealed bags. This ensures that your ashes are safe and cannot be lost from your package if the inner layer "leaks". Please ensure you've labelled your ashes with your name and order number.


Sending from Within Canada

If you are located in Canada, simply package your cremation ashes as outlined above and place your sealed, labelled packet of ashes inside a bubble mailer before sending it to the address below. Canada Post requires that cremation ashes are in a "leak proof container" (three sealed layers as noted above fills this requirement) & that they should be sent with tracking. Cremation ashes should not be sent with a stamp.


Sending from USA or Australia

If you are sending from the US or Australia, please send your package to me only via USPS/Australia Post. Packages sent via courier (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc) will be refused and returned to you so that they can be re-sent through the national postal system, as couriered packages will have brokerage/other fees applied, and North Faun cannot pay to receive your inclusions. Please send only via the postal system.

Your post office will have you fill a customs declaration - it's easy & the folks at your post office will help! Please fill it out accurately (for example: "1 tsp cremation ashes for jewellery purposes") and send it as a "gift" with a value of $1. This is because I have not purchased your inclusions from you. Do not mark your package as the value of the jewellery that you have ordered, as that is not what is inside your package. 


What Else To Add

If you're comfortable, I'd love for you to let me know the name of the person or pet whose ashes you're sending, as well as a bit about what they mean to you. It's important to me that your loved one is always recognized as a previously-living being while they visit me in the studio, and that I can further respect them by referring to them by name. If no name or information is provided, they will simply be called "friend" in the studio.


Send Your Package

Please send your package to the studio within 30 days of placing your order. This helps to ensure a smooth flow of work in the studio and gives me an ability to gauge upcoming workloads, which as a team of one is extremely important. Your cooperation is very appreciated! 

North Faun
510 - 3336 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB
R3K 2H9


Local Drop Offs

Winnipeg locals can drop off their inclusions if they prefer. The address is for my business mailbox located within a UPS location, & it is accessible to the public Mon-Fri 8a-6p & Sat 10a-4p. Your cremation ashes must still be packaged as outlined above and placed inside a sealed envelope before arriving. The folks at UPS are happy to accept deliveries, but they will refuse unpackaged inclusions at the counter.