Business to business services

North Faun provides expertly handcrafted, heirloom quality memorial keepsake jewellery created from cremation ashes, locks of hair, or burial site soil to various vetted funeral service providers and those in related industries throughout Canada. Please read on to find out more about what partnership with North Faun means and how we may be able to work together to provide something incredible for your clients.


North Faun offers both private, black label partnerships as well as public, North Faun label partnerships. Black label partnerships allow you to provide high quality memorial keepsakes to your clients using your own branding, while North Faun label partnerships allow you to use the North Faun name to promote your offerings. 


Black label and North Faun label partnerships are quite different, and you may find one fits better with your business model than the other. Below you will find the key details of each type. Please note: North Faun label/public partnerships are limited to one partner at a time depending on industry and physical location, and as such may not be available at this time. Please inquire to find out what options are available to you.


Black label discount: 25% off applicable products

Black label business partners are responsible for receiving cremation ashes (or other inclusions, such as locks of hair or burial site soil) from clients and sending them to North Faun, along with any required information. Completed pieces will be returned to the business partner in unbranded packaging with an unbranded care card. The business partner is responsible to deliver the completed pieces to their clients. Black label business partners will utilize North Faun simply as a behind-the-scenes service provider, out of the line of sight of your clients.


North Faun label discount: 40% off applicable products

North Faun label business partners are responsible for receiving cremation ashes (or other inclusions, such as locks of hair or burial site soil) from clients and sending them to North Faun, along with any other required information. At the business partner's discretion, completed pieces can be sent directly to client from the North Faun studio or returned to the business partner to deliver to the client. North Faun label items come in our signature branded satin bag, which is tucked within our signature branded jewellery box, and these packages come complete with a North Faun care card as well as a North Faun certificate of authenticity. These items must remain with the completed memorial keepsakes until they are in the client's hands. The business partner can provide their own branded materials to be placed within the package as well, if they choose.


Each type of partnership offers it's own unique benefits to your business. There's no right or wrong answer - just what's right for you and your business. You'll find the key differences that you'll want to consider below. 


As a black label partner, you will use your own branding and incorporate North Faun designs into your own business however you choose, without needing to share the spotlight. While black label base costs are higher (your business receives 25% off of North Faun's standard retail pricing), you can set the retail costs of your North Faun provided products at any price you'd like - you have the final say in the profits your business makes. Without the North Faun name, you will need to have the ability to create a relationship of deep trust with your clientele, which can be difficult without being able to "introduce" your clients to the artist who will be working with their loved one or pet's ashes, hair/fur, or burial soil. Most black label business partners simply refer to North Faun as their "contracted artist". In black label, private partnerships, North Faun is unable to speak directly with your clients, and as such all customer service will be the responsibility of your business.


As a North Faun label partner, you will be using the North Faun name for the memorial keepsakes that your business offers to your clients, and will have the benefit of working with a brand that is known to be trustworthy and for producing high quality designs. North Faun label business partners have a lower base cost (your business receives 40% off of North Faun's standard retail pricing), however when using the North Faun name, your retail pricing must match that of identical products on within 5%, with the exception of occasional sale pricing (such as: if provides short-term sale pricing through our website, partners are not required to also provide sale pricing to their clients, and vice versa). This is to ensure that clients who may choose to peruse both sites will find consistency across all platforms. As a North Faun label business partner, North Faun is able to lend a hand by speaking directly with your clients whenever you deem necessary.


- Business partners and North Faun both reserve the right to dissolve a partnership at any time, for any reason. While North Faun is a company that prides itself on being easy to work with, partners may at times choose to go in a different direction, and this is your right - you are not locked in to any contract. Whenever possible, each should give the other party at least 90 days notice of the planned discontinuance to provide adequate time for the change.

- Business partners with a physical location may opt to purchase display pieces from North Faun at a further reduced cost. These are specially created pieces containing simulated cremation ashes, specifically created to be a show piece for your clients to view in person. Literature, either with or without North Faun branding (depending on partnership type) is available for such partners to provide to their clients as well. North Faun literature is provided without pricing, so that you may continue to use it even in instances where the precious metals market changes significantly.

- Public/North Faun label business partners may not offer directly competing products when promoting North Faun labelled products. To complement this, North Faun only provides for extremely limited public partners, depending on industry and physical location. Typically this is one public North Faun label business partner at a time, though others may be considered if it can be agreed that there will be no conflict. 

- Business partners are responsible to receive cremation ashes (or other inclusions, such as locks of hair or burial soil) from clients and to send them to the North Faun studio. All shipments containing cremation ashes are required to have tracking, and partners are responsible for all associated costs of shipping client inclusions to or completed client packages from the North Faun studio. Partner pricing does not include shipping charges.

Examples of typical shipping costs for a North Faun package, sent from Winnipeg to various locations via Canada Post are:

Vancouver -- $17.00 for 5 business day Regular Parcel, $19.00 for 2 business day Xpresspost

Toronto -- $17.50 for 6 business day Regular Parcel, $24.50 for 3 business day Xpresspost

St. John's -- $20.50 for 9 business day Regular Parcel, $28.00 for 3 business day Xpresspost


We would love to hear from you to discuss further details, learn a little bit about one another, and find out if our businesses would be able to create a mutually beneficial relationship with each other! To get in touch, please email Morgan at