About North Faun

Meet Morgan Di Martino of North Faun Hello, I'm Morgan & I am the single set of hands behind North Faun. I'm a metalsmith specialising in precious metals & a keepsake gem artist, and I'm truly honoured that you're here. I'm a lifelong Manitoban, born and raised in the flat lands & wheat fields of the Canadian prairies. I spent my formative years wild and in awe of life, and spent the bulk of my adult years in social services supporting our most vulnerable populations, prior to North Faun. I currently live in Winnipeg with my small family, and it is nothing short of awesome. North Faun was just a small spark in 2011 and I'm lucky enough to be able to live and breathe it as my full time work now, and while I have the opportunity to work with many incredible materials sent in by my clients, my heart is set ablaze with an honest, endless passion for creating cremation ash memorial pieces.

If you're interested, you can check out an article on the Winnipeg Free Press site that North Faun was honoured to be featured in (in which I nervously ramble!) here:



And you can also check out a review of some of my work by the amazing Canadian blogger Lindsay of Maman Loup's Den here: