Sterling Silver Birthstone Rings - Single or Sets

Handmade just for you, these birthstone rings are perfect to wear alone or for stacking, and are a sweet way to keep your loved ones with you. These rings can be created with your choice of beaded, smooth round, or smooth half round bands.

Select the number of birthstone rings you need to complete your perfect set. Please note that the wider your stacking set, the larger band size you will likely need. It's recommended to be professionally sized prior to ordering. Beaded bands each measure approximately 1.8mm in width, smooth round bands each measure approximately 1.5mm in width, while the smooth half round bands each measure approximately 2mm in width.

Seen here:
» Photo one: January, April x2, March, beaded bands
» Photo two: half round, beaded, smooth round bands

» Handmade in pure 925 sterling silver
» Birthstones are lab created & measure 3mm round


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